Using Only the Finest Materials to Make Plastic Molds

Learn How to Create a DIY Hypertufa Pot

There are no strict rules in doing this DIY project. You can be flexible in using any of the ingredients until you find the right balance for you. The outcome varies depending on the supplies you used, such as water, cement, stone, and sand, and the weather you are casting in.

Our DIY Recipe

What You Will Need: 

  • One part portland cement
  • One and a half part peat moss
  • One and a half part perlite or vermiculite 
  • Water 

Mix the ingredients all the ingredients and add water until you get the consistency that you like. Pour the mixture into one of our plastic molds and wait for it to set.

Other Ways to Make a Hypertufa Pots

Using Fast Setting Cement Mix (Not Suitable for Products That Hold Water)

Premix the following:

  • Two parts cement
  • One part casting plaster
  • One part white sand

Slowly add the dry blend to lukewarm water until the mixture resembles a semi-fluid batter that can flow into one of our plastic molds. This will become set very quickly, so do not make too much in one batch.

Using Regular Concrete Mix

Make a dry blend of the following:

  • One part cement
  • Two to three parts sand
  • Two to three parts aggregate

Add water until the mixture reaches your desired consistency. Then, pour it into one of our plastic molds. 

Store-Bought Supplies

Premixed casting materials will also work nicely with our products. You can get a variety of mixes at your local Home Depot or Lowes to make creating concrete easier for you. There are concrete stains and paints in these stores as well.

You need to consider which items will work best with the molds you have purchased from us. Read the product labels to learn more details about the materials that you plan to buy.